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Sony XTRUD is undoubtedly the most beautiful concept in recent weeks, even in recent months. To create the concept, François has thus relied on several products marketed by the brand as the Xperia Z, of coarse, but the PlayStation 3 or even the Sony NEX-7. With these devices, our creative came to better understand the visual identity of the Japanese manufacturer and produce a realistic concept that could well find its place in the catalog of the latter.
The particularity of Sony XTRUD, always in terms of design, this is the funny little wheel in the bottom left corner of the terminal, a wheel that allows you to navigate within the overlay Sony, and can even act as wheel to control the volume of the smartphone when the headset is connected. Obviously difficult not to think of the Tri-Navi dials the NEX-7.

BlackBerry writes open letter to customers

BlackBerry is struggling, but they want their customers to know they can still be counted on. The company has written an open letter to its customers in an effort to stem the tide of those leaving for greener pastures with other smartphones. BlackBerry says they are making changes to cut their expenses by 50%, and have significant cash on hand with no debt. That may be true, but this feels an awful like Palm executives who told their users to hang on for new phones and new webOS updates that were just around the corner. Things never materialized for Palm, and BlackBerry feels like they're going down that same road.

Xiaomi Sells Out of Mi3 Smartphone

Xiaomi Sells Out of Mi3 Smartphone

These days Xiaomi, this hyped-up China phone maker, held the first on the net sales with the new Xiaomi Mi3 smartphone along with the smart MITV, and the two devices had sold outs in merely over 60 seconds or so.

iPad mini 2 expected to be thicker than first version, thanks to Retina display

When Apple includes a Retina display on the second-generation iPad mini at the end of this month, the tablet will increase in thickness. Japanese blog Macotakra says Apple will use a thickness of 7.5mm on its new tablet, 3mm more than the iPad mini currently available on the market. The width will increase as well, 0.2mm wider on the new iPad mini compared to the first-generation. This could pose problems using old cases with new hardware. 
Apple made a similar move when it unveiled the iPad 3 - the first iPad to encompass a Retina display - so we're not too surprised. Obviously, there's more technology that goes into powering such a powerful display. The third-generation iPad increased by 0.6mm over the iPad 2 when a Retina display was included. It's not just the screen tech that increases the thickness - battery and other technical aspects have to be taken into consideration, too.  

The best Android smartphones you’ve never heard of

Brands matter! Now if you’ll please pardon what could possibly be the worst introductory sentenceever, let me explain: brands might be evil (they have plenty of tactics for destroying the competition), they ruin all major TV events with those pesky multimillion dollar commercials, and some say that brands might even use mind-control nano-chips in their products to keep you loyal (although this is still to be proven), but all in all, brands definitely matter to most of us. And that’s almost entirely due to one thing and one thing only: you know what to expect!

Galaxy Note 3 root method released, doesn’t mess with KNOX security

Rise of the Phablet - Galaxy Note 3

Planning to root your Galaxy Note 3? Unfortunately, doing so is easier said than done, thanks to Samsung’s KNOX security. The problem is that rooting the Note 3 apparently triggers a response from the KNOX security software that will effectively mess up your phone, setting its status to unofficial and voiding your warranty. The good news is that a solution has now been found.

Update to Windows Phone Paves Way for Devices With Larger Screens, Quad-Core Chips

Microsoft is announcing on Monday a software update that will add support for large, high-resolution displays, as well as Qualcomm’s quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor.
Windows 8 release 3 start screen
Nokia is due to introduce a variety of new products at an Oct. 22 event in Abu Dhabi, and a large-screen 1080p phone is among those. New devices are likely to be the first to get the new software, though it will also be made available to existing Windows Phone 8 owners.
The new software update also adds a driving mode that can be automatically set to respond to calls and incoming texts with a preset
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