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Sony XTRUD is undoubtedly the most beautiful concept in recent weeks, even in recent months. To create the concept, François has thus relied on several products marketed by the brand as the Xperia Z, of coarse, but the PlayStation 3 or even the Sony NEX-7. With these devices, our creative came to better understand the visual identity of the Japanese manufacturer and produce a realistic concept that could well find its place in the catalog of the latter.
The particularity of Sony XTRUD, always in terms of design, this is the funny little wheel in the bottom left corner of the terminal, a wheel that allows you to navigate within the overlay Sony, and can even act as wheel to control the volume of the smartphone when the headset is connected. Obviously difficult not to think of the Tri-Navi dials the NEX-7.

Modules to customize its configuration : for Sony XTRUD
Francis could have stopped there, but he also makes sure that its mobile can be easily customized. It would be sufficient to remove two screws to change easily shell terminal, but it could also completely open to get their hands on more easily removable modules. This would be the case of the battery XTRUD Sony but its sensor or its purpose. A similar system could be considered for the processor, RAM or even storage space.

Then of coarse, if the Sony XTRUD should be produced, it would probably cost more than the high-end smartphones on the market (production costs requires) but the investment could prove more lucrative because we would not need changing mobile to enjoy the latest innovations in the market. It would be enough just to buy the modules you need.
Sony XTRUD designer by François Rybarczyk . 

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